Quotes: October Edition

I wrote a blog post talking about how I write down lines from books I’m reading. Here are some lines that I loved from the books that I read in October:

If you’d take your head out of the clouds and look around you now and then you’d be surprised at what you see. — Asterios Polyp

Life is stressful dear. That’s why they say “rest in peace.” — Asterios Polyp

After all, folks aren’t so hard to figure out, y’know — you just ignore what they say and watch what they do. — Asterios Polyp

How can we call death — about which we know nothing — the opposite of life, when we barely comprehend life itself? — Asterios Polyp

I am the hero of my own story. — Asterios Polyp

Her breath is wine-sweet, and she has one of those smiles that seem architecturally impossible. It still slays me. — Dark Matter

He laughs. Beautifully. — Dark Matter

Perfect in their imperfection and asymmetry, like a range of mountains. Or the shape of a river. — Dark Matter

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