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My Projects
A webpage to showcase LinkedIn’s GitHub projects. I wrote a blog post about it as well.

Street Coders 2nd prize at Facebook Hackathon Finals 2012
A multiplayer, in-browser fighting game where players use their bodies to control on screen characters. Players can move left and right, punch, block and perform a fireball attack using their arms. Uses Web RTC for video transport, Python + OpenCV for image processing and Node.js for game logic and synchronization.

echo 1st prize at Facebook Midwest Regional Hackathon 2012
A multiplayer, in-browser karaoke game that uses digital signal processing concepts to score players based on how they’re singing. Multiplayer mode can be either competitive, where you compete against other people for the best score, or co-operative where you pair up with another player and sing the same song with each person singing different parts. Uses Web RTC for audio recording, Javascript for audio processing, node.js for synchronization and PHP for user authentication.

dance() 3rd prize at Greylock Hackfest 2012
A mulitplayer, in-browser dance game that uses computer vision to score players. The concept was similar to “Just Dance” for the Wii. We had recommended dance moves for various portions of the song and players were awarded points if their move matched the recommended dance move. Players in a “room” competed against each other for a high score. Technologies used: node.js, Python, OpenCV, Javascript.

ipClickr 1st prize at Yahoo HackU @ UIUC 2010
A web application to replace iClickers. Instead of using a dedicated device for voting, we implemented a voting system wherein users could text in their votes for a question. We also extended the iClicker concept to enable users to post questions/thoughts/suggestions of their own. We built this in PHP with a MySQL database backend. Cellphone communication was handled using Google Voice. Javascript was used to display graphs for answers, user participation etc.

ABSees Finalist at LinkedIn Intern Hackday 2012
A tool to help children read and write. It is an in-browser application that uses computer vision to understand that a person has written. Users are shown the outlines of characters of the English alphabet and have to trace them out with their finger. Characters are chained together to spell words. Technologies used: Python, OpenCV, Javascript

Sherlock Finalist at LinkedIn Intern Hackday 2011
A web AI written using Python, html5, node.js, Google, Bing and Qwiki APIs.

Create stories based on a random image and random words. Technologies used: PHP, MongoDB, Javascript

Converts RSS news feeds into a multimedia news feed with pictures and audio. Written in PHP, MySQL and Javascript for the Yahoo Open Hack All Stars 2011.

iTunes Controller
An application to control your iTunes playlist using text messaging, voice and a web interface. Written in Python, NodeJS and PHP for Facebook Camp Hackathon at UIUC.

A web application to simplify the apartment hunting process. This was the final project for our database course (CS411). It was written in PHP and used a MySQL database to store all our information. Javascript and jQuery (for AJAX requests) was used on the client side. We also integrated Google Maps (to show the apartment on a map), Twitter (we post a tweet each time a new apartment review is added) and bitly (to generate a link for each review to attach to our tweet).

Voice Recognition System
We built a voice recognition system using Java for Facebook Camp Hackathon at UIUC. This was built in 24 hours and it’s intended purpose was voice authentication for the web, though we didn’t have time to make it into an applet and integrate it with a website 🙂

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