My Ubuntu Setup

I’m currently running Ubuntu 10.04, and will update to 11.04 in a week. Since I started using Ubuntu over a year and half ago I’ve found a few apps that I now absolutely cannot live without. Here is my attempt at listing most of them, in no particular order:-

tig: Text based gui for browsing git repos. 

ddd: For when command line gdb is just not enough. Used it extensively during my CS 241 course, especially for the programming assignment in which we had to implement malloc(); pointer arithmetic can get messy quickly 🙂

gvim: I’m a huge (g)vim fan! I adore this colorscheme, and you should also get this for painless folder navigation within (g)vim. 

Dropbox: Ever since my old laptop died on me and I lost all my data, I’ve started to become super cautious with regards to backing data up. That’s where Dropbox comes in and simplifies my life. I’m a huge fan of their service and the way syncing with multiple devices works so seamlessly. 

vlc: for when you need your media fix. 

Ubuntu Tweak: makes customizing your Ubuntu setup a breeze. 

Cheese Webcam Booth: My choice for a webcam software. 

xpad: Allows you to put sticky notes on your desktop, very similar to the notes widget in Windows 7

Faenza icon set: It’s pretty. Oh, so pretty.

htop: It’s like top. But better. 

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m petty sure I’m missing a few so I’ll be editing this post as and when I think of something. 

Setup + Ruby + Rails + One command

So, apparently it is now possible to install the Ruby and Rails stack on Ubuntu using one command.

While I haven’t tried it out yet, it seems to hold great promise to get solve some/most of the setup problems associated with the Ruby and Ruby on Rails Stack. I remember it took me a LONG time to setup on my machine for various reasons. While I eventually solved all the problems using a combination of my search foo and my friend Sam Liu, a lot of potential ‘Railers’ might be scared away. Overall, I thought it was a great learning experience, but a lot of people might not agree with that. 

I might be doing a clean install of Ubuntu sometime soon(I’m currently using Wubi) and will definitely try to install the Rails stack using this command.