On Django

A week or two ago I started learning Django, and wrote my first app, a simple contacts book thingy. Right from the get go, I was amazed by how everything felt so natural in Django, at least to me. The MTV pattern seemed really intuitive and I had no problem diving right in and creating an app. The Django documentation is extremely well written and answered all the questions I had while coding. Even though I was creating my first Django app, I had no problems in incorporating generic views, model forms, pagination etc. In order to have database migration support (yes, I kept changing the schema even for a simple app :p) I installed South and everything was smooth sailing from there. The last thing I want to add to the app is search capabilities, and for this I’ve decided to use the Haystack application. I’m pretty sure this is overkill for such a simple app, but I wanted to try out this application and hence decided to throw it in.

After working with Django, I’ve decided to go back and give Rails another go. I’ve almost completely forgotten all the concepts from Rails, and I would love to refresh my memory.