work Work WORK

<emotional> I just realized that this semester will be over in just under a month. Soon I will be a Junior. A JUNIOR! I can’t believe how fast time seems to be moving. I’m having an amazing time at UIUC so far: I love my major, I’ve met wonderful people and I’ve learnt a lot about life in general. I can’t believe this will all be over in two years. </emotional>

“But what about the title of this post?” you ask. I have to finish a group project for Phil 102, a group project for CS 411, a homework and programming assignment for CS 241. And catch up in all my classes. And start prep for finals. 

3 -> 0

Finally done with the 3 exams I had this week. Only a Philosophy midterm and a CS 241 programming assignment to finish before I had to California for Spring Break. 

I also started work on the “great idea” I mentioned a couple of posts ago. And I discovered this gem that will prove to be extremely useful during the dev process. Can’t wait to build this!

About midterms and blog neglect

It’s not been that long since I started this blog, and already the frequency of posts is decreasing. I think I am going to make a conscious effort to start posting more; I used to enjoy writing when I was younger and feel that I should continue doing so in the future.

I found out today that I’ll be having two midterms and a final in a row after a week: 3/7 is my Physics 214 final, 3/8 is my CS 241 midterm and 3/9 is my CS 411 midterm. Hopefully I won’t have a hard time if I start studying like a week or so earlier.

The CS 241 programming assignment (sorting and merging numbers in files using threads) took me slightly longer than it should have: I made s stupid mistake while coding that was leading to disastrous race conditions between my threads. I guess I learned my lesson about not coding in the middle of the night while sleep beckons. On the plus side, I did learn about helgrind and used it to debug my code. I learned a lot doing that assignment and overall it was a great experience.

I also came up with, what I think is, a brilliant idea for a website that Sam and I will be building soon. I even went and bought the domain for the website. My plan is to build it during Spring Break and launch it within the end of this semester. More details to follow.