I had my first taste of good whisky in 2013. It took me a couple of months after that to get accustomed to and develop an appreciation for this spirit. By 2014 whisky had become my preferred choice of alcoholic drink.

This week I had the opportunity to sample some Japanese whisky in San Francisco at an event organized by Nikka Whisky. The whiskies I drank were:

  • Taketsuru Pure Malt: first time drinking this; liked it the least.
  • Yoichi Single Malt: first time drinking this; pretty good.
  • Miyagikyo Single Malt: first time drinking this; LOVED it.
  • Coffey Grain: I’ve had this several times before and enjoy it. We were presented with a cocktail made from this whisky that had a strong aroma of coffee.
  • Coffey Malt: I’ve had this several times before and enjoy it. We were presented with an extremely delicious Halloween themed cocktail made with this whisky and pumpkin.

If you like whisky but have never had Japanese whisky before I highly recommend giving it a try. The Coffey Grain or Coffee Malt is an excellent place to begin.

My attempt at taking a nice picture of the whiskies I drank at the event.


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