I realized that I’ve been (for various reasons) doing a terrible job at reading research papers for the past 2-3 months. In order to fix that and make up for lost time I’m setting an ambitious goal for June 2017 – I’ll read (and maybe write about) about ten research papers over the course of the month. Here are the papers I will be reading (I found a majority of the papers by going through my backlog of unread The Morning Paper posts and picking papers that intrigued me):

  1. WiscKey: Separating Keys from Values in SSD-conscious Storage
  2. Polaris: Faster Page Loads Using Fine-grained Dependency Tracking
  3. Efficient Memory Disaggregation with Infiniswap
  4. CORFU: A distributed shared log
  5. vCorfu: A Cloud-Scale Object Store on a Shared Log
  6. Redundancy Does Not Imply Fault Tolerance: Analysis of Distributed Storage Reactions to Single Errors and Corruptions
  7. Early Detection of Configuration Errors to Reduce Failure Damage
  8. MemC3: Compact and Concurrent MemCache with Dumber Caching and Smarter Hashing
  9. Replex: A Scalable, Highly Available Multi-Index Data Store
  10. Hints for Computer System Design

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