Goal Tracking: July Edition

At the beginning of the year I published a post outlining what some of my goals for the year were. In the spirit of being transparent, here is the progress I made on them over the course of July –

  1. Was there for everyone who needed me for most of the month.
  2. Volunteered for 0 hours.
  3. Quite a bit of procrastination.
  4. Honest and open. As always.
  5. Made some good progress on learning Rust! I wrote about it here and here.
  6. I read four books over the course of July: Mother Night (another amazing book by Kurt Vonnegut), Here (I LOVED the artwork in this graphic novel. I wish it had a better story though), DC/Dark Horse: Aliens (an action-packed, fun read), and Foundation (This is the first Asimov book I’ve read and I loved it! It was quite unlike any other sci-fi book I’ve ever read, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this classic series).
  7. I read 2 research papers: Disruptor and COST. I’ll be writing about them soon.
  8. I wrote 8 posts.
  9. I learned to play at least one song on the guitar. Minus the solo.
  10. (a) (goal achieved)
    (b) (goal achieved)
    (c) (goal achieved)
    (d) I ran the first half of the SF Marathon!
    (e) (goal achieved)

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