The year is 2013. I’d just graduated college. I was trying to find a place to live in Mountain View. And Deafheaven had released Sunbather.

I heard about the album on the music websites I frequent. I read the rave reviews, the glowing words of praise. Of course I decided to give it a listen. And, I disliked it. A lot. I was aghast. “How is this music? This is noise! I can’t understand what the singer is saying. Where is the melody?”

Fast forward to October 4th 2015.

I live in SF now. I’ve lost weight since 2013, and gained ear piercings. In fact, I like to think I’ve changed quite a bit since I graduated college.

Two days ago Deafheaven released New Bermuda.

Once more the amazing reviews come flooding in. Praise for their new album is sky high.

“So you didn’t like them in 2013. But your musical tastes have expanded now! You’d be hurting yourself if you don’t check out Sunbather and then New Bermuda.” These are the thoughts wandering about in my head as I open up Spotify and start listening to Sunbather.

And I finally get it. I finally understand what those reviews were talking about two years ago. In the noise there is beauty. The guitars, the vocals, the furious drumming; they all work together to paint a picture that has to be experienced. I look up the lyrics and like everything else about this band I’m amazed by how tragically beautiful they are; amazed by how much emotion is buried in them.

After listening to Sunbather a couple of times I move on to New Bermuda with high expectations. I was not disappointed in the slightest. It is definitely an aural masterpiece.

I think this transition of musical appreciation is one of the most clear examples I’ve seen of my non-physical personal evolution.

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