My friends and I went to Trick Dog today where they had invited people to bring their dogs to the bar. It was a charity event, with proceeds going to the Family Dog Rescue and Muttville senior dog rescue. These two organizations had also brought dogs (who were up for adoption) to the event.

I had a great time. Dogs and good cocktails, how can it not be amazing?

The event did made me realize that I miss my dog back home in India. Even though we haven’t spent much time together I like to think that we have a special bond. I really enjoy spending time with him. He’s a great companion. And full of energy.

We went to Mission Cliffs after Trick Dog. Even though I went climbing on Friday I was surprisingly able to do most of the climbs I attempted today. I did fail at some of the new (I think) V0s that they’ve installed. It’s a challenge for another day.
I got introduced to a climbing game today: you play it in a group and each person attempts the course. After they finish it they deem one hold as “off limits” and then the next person has to do the climb without using that hold. This process then repeats, with the number of holds you’re not allowed to use monotonically increasing (because if you fail you’re not allowed to remove a hold). This game is hard. Very hard. Especially the later stages when there’s almost nothing left. But, it’s also super fun and challenging. Maybe I think it’s fun because it’s challenging.
The next time I go climbing in a group I’ll definitely try to get the others to play it.

One downside of climbing today is that my fingers are so bruised/hurt/sore that I can’t play my new guitar.

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