On Sunday I bought tickets to go see TesseracT, The Contortionist, ERRA, and Skyharbor play in San Francisco. I found out about the VIP upgrade tickets for the concert last night and bought them a few minutes ago.

This is probably the concert I’m most looking forward to right now. Getting a chance to see some of your favorite bands all play at the same concert is not something that happens everyday.

TesseracT introduced me to the sub-genre of modern progressive metal most commonly known as djent, and over time it has become my favorite kind of music.

I first listened to Altered State, TesseracT’s second album. It was quite literally like nothing I’d ever heard before; heavy, yet full of melody. My appreciation for the band and the music they played grew with each listen of the album. I then listened to One, and I was blown away by how incredible that album was as well. The singles from their new album Polaris sound amazing and I can’t wait to listen to the album when it comes out.

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