Goal Tracking: May Edition

At the beginning of the year I published a post outlining what some of my goals for the year were. In the spirit of being transparent, here is the progress I made on them over the course of May –

  1. 0 hours of volunteering. I need to figure out a way to be more productive on Sundays.
  2. No shyness.
  3. 2 books read – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (I enjoyed it immensely. I might write a longer post about this book in the future) and The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets (made me love The Simpsons (and Futurama) even more. I particularly enjoyed the sections on prime numbers and topology. I highly recommend reading this book if you’re even remotely interested in math and/or The Simpsons).
  4. I read 2 chapters from AOSA.
  5. 5 blog posts.
  6. I’m still stuck at one muscle up. Getting to two is proving to be harder than expected.

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