Tweet streamer using Node.js

A day or two ago I decided to learn Node.js and was looking for tutorials and articles on the internet for the same. In my quest for knowledge I came across this tutorial that talks about building a real-time tweet streamer using Node. Unfortunately, the code as presented on the website doesn’t work, I guess due to changes in the Node API since the tutorial. After a bit of researching and digging around in the Node API docs, I managed to produce a version that works.

Be warned though, this application makes a LOT of requests to the Twitter API resulting in your application being banned for an hour from using the Twitter API. Also, this is the first node application that I have written, so I might be making a lot of beginner mistakes. Please forgive me for this. The goal of writing this application was to have a working version of what was presented to us in the tutorial.

The version of node I am using(based on the output of 'node -v') is 'v0.5.0-pre'.

Here is my code.

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