Of Dropbox and Gmail

Over the past few days I’ve been using Dropbox heavily, and I must say it is really, REALLY awesome. I usually work on multiple computers and keeping files in sync with each other was always a pain(unless it is code, in which case it is Github all the way!). Now, I just put everything in my Dropbox and don’t have to worry about anything. I even added a cron job to back up all my important folders to my Dropbox account every night. No more missing data for me!

Another thing that I think is super useful is the Desktop notifications in Gmail. I now sign into my gmail and university accounts, shift to a different workspace/window and don’t have to constantly check my mail anymore for new messages/chat threads. Hopefully, this will up my productivity a little bit. 

Just got done with my CS 411 homework. Goal for the weekend: finish my 2nd CS 241 programming assignment and study for the Physics 214 midterm. And of course, do some sweet Python coding. 

Also, CSS3-rounded-borders-goodness yay!

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