“Before I go” (make sure to watch the video as well) is an essay by Paul Kalanithi in which he talks about life, time, and cancer. It’s one of the most beautiful and touching essays I’ve read in recent times. It made me think about the inexorable forward march of time and the inherent fragility of human health. I think that’s really scary – we cannot really do anything about either of those things. All we can hope to do is live life in such a manner that when (not if) our time comes we realize that every moment leading up to now isn’t a flat line of points, but rather a gorgeous valley of peaks and troughs.

My favorite album of 2014: The Amanuensis by Monuments

Of all the albums I listened to in 2014, The Amanuensis by Monuments is definitely by favorite. The powerful, soaring vocals, excellent bass and drum work, and FANTASTIC guitar riffs make this an absolute joy to listen to. My favorite track from the record is probably Horcrux.

I’m quite disappointed I missed seeing them (and Animals As Leaders and Devin Townsend Project) in December. I had tickets but was feeling a bit unwell the day of the concert and didn’t want to risk my upcoming vacation plans.